Eritrean migrant who ‘cut off fellow asylum seeker’s eyelids and bit off his ears’ is on trial

By Gareth Davies In London and Allan Hall In Germany For Mailonline

An Eritrean migrant who is alleged to have cut off a fellow asylum seeker’s eyelids and bit off his ears is said to have told his victim he was planning on eating his flesh.

The unnamed 20-year-old is on trial in Hanau, Hesse, accused of attempted murder and serious assault but may now face further charges of cannibalism after a police officer testified.

Prosecutors told the court the attacker, who was 19 at the time, stabbed his 18-year-old victim in the neck with two knives before biting off his ears, slicing away his eyelids and ramming a pen into his eyes in the frenzied attack in Germany.

Speaking on behalf of the now blind victim, who has since moved to Switzerland, a police officer said the mutilated asylum seeker told him his attacker said he was going to eat him.

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