Eritreans ! Enjoy the new found peace but Always Watch out for “Scavengers & Vultures”

Eritreans! Enjoy the new found peace but Always Watch out for “Scavengers & Vultures”!

 “The people of Eritrea were not consulted in this decision over their fate and, consequently, they spent the next forty years, thirty of these in armed struggle, fighting for independence. When in 1991 the EPLF led a united Eritrean people to their hard-earned freedom from Ethiopian rule, Ethiopia’s fallacious premise that Eritrea forms an “inseparable part and parcel of Ethiopia” was finally defeated.

“In 1991, when the TPLF assumed power in Ethiopia, there was every reason to believe that the above mentioned Ethiopian fallacious assumptions would come to a final rest. Indeed, all the pronouncements of the TPLF leadership at the time left no room for doubt or apprehension in Eritrean minds that they were genuine. It appears, however, that there was more to these than met the eye.”

“Since the start of the border conflict between Eritrea and Ethiopia, this hitherto hidden agenda has been consistently coming to the fore in Tigrayan propaganda literature and the utterances of the TPLF leadership. In fact, according to TPLF propaganda, the issue is no longer their allegations that “Eritrea occupied by force, Ethiopian territory at Badme”. It is, rather, Eritrea’s internal political and economic problems, which presumably, is to be “corrected” by the TPLF’s declared war on Eritrea. In short, the re-occupation of Eritrea or parts thereof is the real reason for the present conflict.”

From Eritrean academic Alemseged Tesfai’s well-researched documents.

Let us ponder for a minute as this “Love” & “Peace” tune seems to be overwhelming us with joy. Eritreans must always remain conscious. Even today as we move into a new chapter for the future development of our region, it is important not to slide back but always remain strong as an independent thinking people that should always put Eritrea’s interests ahead of any other.

As the scholar, Dr. Alemseged Tesfai has put things into perspective in his well-researched document on the Eritrean-Ethiopian conflict, sharing thoughts as a reminder is important. Eritreans have always wanted peace however, leaders from Ethiopia a nation that has been cursed with horrible ones have always wanted to create problems with Eritrea.

The TPLF Genocidal murderers are disturbing violent predators, but their crimes leave much to be profiled. When they started a war against the Eritrean people and its flagship organization PFDJ/EPLF the hand that fed them, when they committed so many murders against innocent Ethiopian civilians, and when they were looting money and giving it to quislings from Eritrea and Somalia for destabilization of the region, they were filling their jealously and complex psychological reactions towards Eritreans in an attempt to lure people so that they can be the dominant force in the region. They are aware of the EPLF’s help and it was the Eritrean gallant fighters that walked them into the palace in Addis Ababa in 1991. They were trained and educated by the EPLF but they soon forgot and started concentrating on how to be a bigger stronger force by any cost. They were supported by evil outside advisors and policymakers that are currently dying slow deaths thanks to the steadfastness of the Eritrean people. These politicians as a result of the recent world geopolitical changes, have found themselves on the sidelines but it is always important to remain aware of what may be next for our region.

The TPLF minority group, a small portion of the very large Ethiopian people wanted all Eritreans and all Ethiopians to be under their control and anything less than that was not acceptable to them. Having a huge following when they entered Addis because everyone was eager for the very similar type of peace we seem to be witnessing these days, until the GALLANT ERITREAN FORCES refuted them in places like Bure, Adi Beggio, Tsorona, and many other places their support started to fade away like ashes. Their true colors were being exposed everywhere. They were aware of their failure but they had full backing from the old Foggy Bottom where their best friends looted and abused American Tax payers money.

They also had the blessing of Washington that included the previous administration in the white house. Eventually, a small number of Eritrean Quislings went on board with them as well. They became like them selling out their Eritrean nationality and gave up their Eritrean values and identity because they wanted to build a new identity based on the TPLF/MLLT image. They really thought that Eritrea would fail and fail miserably. But the Eritrean people withstood all forms of attacks and refuted all groups that were enemy of the state. The TPLF had international support from Media, so-called Human Rights advocates, Human traffickers etc….

Pretty much it was Eritrea vs the world’s leading powers utilizing Ethiopia as a tool for almost 20 long years. The fact is that Eritrea survived and won through patience. Once again the excellent leadership in Eritrea was able to maneuver and outmaneuver all attempts to break the Eritrean nation, at the expense of economic hardships, illegal sanctions and many other problems which these vultures and scavengers capitalized on.

They were refuted again and again. These days we are witnessing a huge change in the dynamics of the region. Fading away from their power grip these TPLF criminals and their quislings must pay the ultimate price as their crimes against humanity is documented for generations to come. They committed heinous crimes against the people of Eritrea, Somalia, Gambela, Ogaden, Amhara, Oromo etc…… These criminal offenders tried to cover up their crime scenes as their victims continue to suffer today. Unless one is a quisling it is hard to imagine any type of sympathy for them. They had stolen money, they had paid people planted everywhere and their arms reached across oceans. They harassed everyone and anyone that stood against them. With a blessing of friendly people in high places in western countries they committed crimes against humanity but in return accused innocent people of committing crimes, they are responsible for. They picked up a British citizen of Ethiopian heritage from a foreign airport as he traveled to Eritrea which is one of the highest breaches of international rules. Their brutal orchestrated involvement in how they tried to destroy the horn of Africa region will always be engraved in the minds of millions as their image is left at a crime scene known as Ethiopia. Eritreans suffered and lost energy and time despite reaching out for peace and the rule of law. The government in Asmara challenged and defended all forms of attack against Eritrea by standing with the people as they remain committed to a common cause for the well being of their nation & region. Now as we transition into a new era, it is important to understand that the connection between both Eritrea and Ethiopia is a strategic one. Economic development, Cultural exchanges, Respect for borders, fighting crimes and terrorists like the TPLF minority gangs together, and other mutual benefits by respecting each other’s boundaries as separate nations aligned by similar values. No! we are not one people if we were we would not have fought a 30-year war for independence so, despite all the euphoria and joy, it is important to be very cautious while maintaining peaceful relations.

An Eritrean-American perspective.