Ethiopia Cabinet Approves New Law to Fight False Information

Ethiopia’s cabinet approved a law to combat hate speech and the dissemination of false information.

The new proclamation is aimed at addressing the erosion of the nation’s “social cohesion, political stability and national unity,” the Office of the Prime Minister said in a statement.

Violence broke out last month in parts of Oromia which resulted in the deaths of 86 people. It was sparked when state security was withdrawn from influential activist Jawar Mohammed, who owns the Oromia Media Network.

Since coming to power last year, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has implemented a reform agenda to open up Africa’s second-most populous nation. He has scrapped bans on opposition and rebel groups, purged allegedly corrupt officials and ended two decades of acrimony with neighboring Eritrea — an initiative that won him the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize. The country is due to hold national elections in 2020.