[ETHIOPIA] Detoxifying the TPLF’s poison!

The ruthless tyrannical TPLF (Tigray People’s Liberation Front) regime which ruled Ethiopians for the last 27 years has backtracked from the front seat of power in Ethiopia in the last 3 months  following the peaceful people struggle where many Ethiopians sacrificed their life. TPLF is still alive and kicking in Mekele. This party which is under the control of few elites doesn’t   represent the majority  of Tigrayan Ethiopians  but it trades under their name.  TPLF   has been synthesising and applying all the anti-unity and divisive  poisonous  political tactics and policy since its inception in the last 43 years.

This atheist political entity surprisingly sprang out  four decades ago from  the decent and  kind Tigray Ethiopia where the major religions in Ethiopia (Christianity and Islam) set foot in our country. By applying  wicked tactic and fake history, it was able to use the Tigrean youth  for war  purpose against their Ethiopian brothers  until it control  central power in Addis. The TPLF which assumed power in 1991 has  continued  anti-unity, divisive, war monger  poisonous tricks among Ethiopians to maintain and prolong its brutal regime.

The regime’s brutal  atrocities  are countless and it is beyond imagination. It is challenge  to admit  such kind of culprits were  born and raised in our country. Many Ethiopians are tortured, imprisoned, killed, displaced, dispossessed and made to flee from their own country by  the TPLF dictatorial regime. The regime has created a shadowy organization of its self  as EPRDF, in the name of Amhara and Ormoo speaking people who helped it to rule Ethiopia for last 25 years;  Since last 2 years many from OPDO (Oromo People Democratic Organization)  and some from ANDM (Amhara Nation Democratic Movement)  leadership have come to realise the suffering of Ethiopians and joined their peaceful struggle of Ethiopians.  Their struggle with-in EPRDF, supported by the mass bear fruits and  they are able to come to the front seat of power in Ethiopia though TPLF is still  alive and active in Tigray with possession  looted billions dollar worth of Ethiopian property, where it is fermenting and organising obstacles against the new progressive leader Dr. Abiy and his team using mercenaries inside Ethiopia through the blessing of criminal old TPLF guards with in the center and periphery regions.

♦ The new progressive leadership under Dr. Abiy and his team has started tangible changes and progressive measures which enlightened many citizens. This good beginning   is at risk from progress by the wicked TPLF sabotage from Mekele using its polished money powered inflammation and inciting  its age-old  poisonous anti-unity tactic. This needs good remedy as it will hinder the progress towards democratic united strong Ethiopia.

♦ This powerful and very rich organisation (TPLF)  with all its might be currently dwelling in Mekele where it  has been planning and implementing  the following  wicked anti-Ethiopian  measures.

♦ Dismantling the new emerging relationship between Amharic and Oromifa speaking people and creating animosity  through  false propaganda, confusion, disinformation and exaggeration of  past controversial historical accounts. It has formed an army of thousands of paid mercenaries online in social media (face book, twitter, pal talk, etc) for sole purpose to discredit the new leadership and disrupt the new people relationship.

♦ By infiltrating radical Oromo and Amhara political wings  and unionist political parties, it ferments  animosity by calling “New Neftgna Menelik army is coming on you” to the Oromoiffa  speaking people; and also calling  against Amhara and unionist  “You are to be displaced from Oromo land including Addis Ababa,”  “Oromo is to  secede  from Ethiopia to form a country called Oromia “.

♦ Using its strong financial power and its advantage in Security apparatus; it is fermenting and waging conflict and war among different ethnicities and religious members in most part of Ethiopia.

♦ It is overtly and covertly inciting and encouraging  those border federal regions to secede from Ethiopia using its old TPLF stooges and criminals who are still ruling the people on those border region.

♦ They are launching a false and defamatory propaganda against the new  leadership.
They are  intimidating, blackmailing the new leadership and influencing  their family members to derail them from  progressive measures .They are also recruiting  young ladies to trick the young leaders to  fall to their beauty to embarrass them while they record them in sexual act.

♦ They are organising and orchestrating  car or aeroplane or helicopter accident which the new leadership uses. They pal to tamper the fluid and food ; using wrong medicine or overdose to disable the leaders from their new leadership.

♦ They are organising and paying mercenaries to shoot and kill the new leadership and their influential supporters.

♦ They are using foreign media for  confusion and propaganda to create a false perception that  Dr.Abiy’s government is not able to administer  and control the country.

♦ They are encouraging and financing disgruntled army officers for a coup d’état.

♦ They are encouraging and financing some political organisation to call for early election or power sharing to unsettle the Dr. Abiy’ administration before it set out democratic institution.

♦ They are threatening  to use Article 39 of the Constitution (secession) for Tigray and encouraging other federal regions  to do so.

♦ They are trying to discourage and create image of weak government by harassing the Federal government involvement in the regional governments where human rights and citizens right are abused as illegal and anti-constitutional.

♦ They are organising and planning  accidents and killing spree on opposition leaders who arrive from Diaspora to create confusion among Ethiopians.

♦ They are inciting and fermenting animosity among intra ethnic members  with in region (e.g Gonder against Gojam; Wello against Shewa,; Wollega against Hararege Oromo; Sidema against Woliyta etc. Their tactic includes organising mobs to incite violence during sport competition. They would attempt  inciting violence against neighbouring border countries.

♦ TPLF’s members and benefiters  of the dictatorial regime   who live in diasporas  would launch demonstration and vigil   in the capital cities of great powers ( Washington, Brussels, London etc)  to discredit Dr. Abiy’s administration and the Great  powers not to support the new leadership.

The new leadership has made bold progressive and tangible  measures  by  releasing political prisoners, inviting banned political parties to operate in Ethiopia, sorting out the division within Orthodox Christian religious fathers and Muslim leaders, allowing state media to cover major events, forming relationship with Eritrea and neighbouring countries,  reaching out to Diaspora Ethiopians,  installing hope and optimism in the young Ethiopians. This is great beginning and the final goal should be peaceful, democratic  country where power to be achieved  through genuine election, a country of equal opportunity for all  where its children shouldn’t run away but create wealth in their own land where justice prevail.

The new leadership has to be encouraged and supported as there is no other viable alternative at present  to achieve this objectives. All those opposition armed forces in every part of the country at present are either they are for secessionist purpose  or gain  power to create another dictatorship. The unity political force in Ethiopia was demoralized and dissipated by TPLF in its 27 years rule by killing, torturing and imprisoning its leaders and members who have to be fled the country. At present there is no tangible  armed opposition force  with its objective of uniting and democratizing Ethiopia. The current administration should be supported to clear the path to democratic begining and encourage it for installing democratic  infrastructure.

The people, especially the Intellectual and great professionals should support the new progressive  leadership  to avoid derailment of the democratic progressive direction  from those power mongers .

Dr. Abiy, Mr Lemma Megersa and other leadership team’s effort for peaceful unifying and love filled messages and speech are  encouraging and should include reconciliation among the victim and perpetrators so that Ethiopians can develop the skill of peaceful negotiation without arms involvement.

There are reactionary groups who self-discharged themselves from this unifying and love full peaceful reconciliation process  and they should be accounted as they are at helm of power to derail this change. Although most Ethiopians are starting to get rid off the TPLF regime, our Tigrean Ethiopian brothers are still suffering from TPLF rage and yet not free from this elite opportunist regime which trades under their name.

Most of those culprits from TPLF and its affiliate who massacred people, looted property, imprisoned thousands, displaced millions  have to be given 15 days period to apologise to Ethiopian people for their sin and the people decide their fate. Those who refuse this offer should face the full force of justice.

The cash milk of TPLF, EFFORT,(Endowment Fund for Rehabilitation of Tigray) billions worth conglomerate business organisation  which was  established  through blood money  is still the main source of finance for TPLF to derail the progressive democratic changes.  The Dr. Abiy leadership should dissolve this organization or nationalize it to dry up the illegitimate financial source to TPLF. Allowing more time and opportunity for TPLF culprits   is like playing with dangerous snake.

The new leadership, the people and all the opposition political forces have to work together to detoxify the poison buried by TPLF in our country in the last 40 years.