Ethiopian medical doctors group arrives in Asmara

Ethiopian medical doctors group arrives in Asmara

Asmara, 31 December 2018- Ethiopian medical doctors group comprising 35 newly graduates and five experienced doctors arrived in Asmara on 30 December to provide free medical service.

The group is led by Dr. Liya Tadesse, the Deputy Minister of Health of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia and other government officials.

At a welcoming ceremony held at Asmara Palace, Ms. Amina Nurhussen, Minister of Health, indicated that the Governments of Eritrea and Ethiopia have agreed to work together in all sectors aimed at strengthening the existing peace and friendship cooperation and that the coming of the medical doctors attests to that.

During their stay in Eritrea the Ethiopian doctors will have the opportunity to work alongside Eritrean doctors and exchange experiences, Minister Amina added.

Expressing the occasion as “historical”, Dr. Liya Tadesse said that the historic peace and friendship agreement reached between President Isaias Afwerki and Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed is the biggest gift to the peoples of the two countries. Dr. Liya underlined that this first cooperation in the health sector attests to the developing good neighborliness and far sighted relation between the two countries.

The Ethiopian medical doctors will provide free medical service for two months in the referral hospitals of the Central, Anseba, Southern and Northern Red Sea regions.