Ethiopian “The Reporter” Magazine, Established by the #TPLF to promote anti Eritrea agenda

By Elias Amare @ FB

Best short and sweet tweet of the day by Minister Yemane Gebre Meskel, @hawelti, about lies being disseminating regarding #Eritrea‘s ports:

«This is speculation, or perhaps declaration of intent, by the company concerned. No more no less.»

This was a diplomatic dismissal by the Eritrean Information Minister when asked to give clarification about the lie being disseminated by an Ethiopia magazine called “The Reoprter”, which wrote thus in its online publication recently:

«The #Ethiopia‘n Shipping and Logistics Service Enterprise (ESLSE) said that it is optimistic of winning a tough competition to take over the Eritrean Port of Massawa operations.»

It must be noted that The Reporter, @TheReporterET, was established by the #TPLF, especially the late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi and the late security spy chief Kinfe Gebremedhin, in the early 1990s as “independent” propaganda disinformation media outlet. Its founder was one Amare Aregawi, a TPLF apparatchik and member of its central comittee. Its mission was to mislead and disinform the nascent Ethiopian private press, promote anti-Eritrea agenda, pander to expansionism, and fan toxic divisive sectarianism & inter-ethnic clashes in Ethiopa—in particular between the two biggest ethnic groups, the Oromos and the Amharas.

That being as it is, the TPLF’s capacity for evil, even in its dying days, must not be discounted. Out of power and Isolated as it is in Tigray, TPLF is currently working on overdrive disseminating outright lies and disinformation about the Eritrea-Ethiopia peace deal. In this evil mission, we must never forget that Ayte Aregawi’s The Reporter is part of TPLF’s disinformation.

There has been no bidding opened on operating Eritrean ports—Assab, Massaw or otherwise. ዘይሓፍር ድሙስ ኣይተ ኣረጋዊ ሽሙ!