Full European Parliament resolution and Eritrea’s response

▶ European Parliament resolution of 8 October 2020 on Eritrea

Eritreas response via Twitter

The Eritrean Foreign Minister Yemane Gebremeskel announced on Twitter that the European Parliament had passed an intrusive and vitriolic “resolution” on Eritrea in its session yesterday.

“What is more galling is its temerity & illusion to dictate offensive terms/conditions on sovereign countries. This is all the while as it is endlessly whingeing on presumed “cyber-attacks” & “interferences in the internal affairs of its Member States” by other powerful countries”

“The European Parliament adopted an intrusive & vitriolic “Resolution” on Eritrea in its session yesterday. The outlandish content & tone of the Resolution betrays apparent frustration stemming from utter failure of the “regime change” policies that it has pursued in past 20 years”