‘Himalayan Cataract Project’ conducting eye surgery, expected to conduct on about 1500 patients

‘Himalayan Cataract Project’ conducting eye surgery

Asmara, 12 November 2019- The ‘Himalayan Cataract Project’ Ophthalmologists team is conducting eye surgery in Eritrea since 10 November.

At the program that will be conducted until 15 November 17 Ophthalmologists from various countries are taking part alongside their Eritrean counterparts.

According to Dr. Kahsai Fesehatsion, Medical Director of Brhan Aini Hospital, so far eye surgery has been conducted on over 400 patients.

Dr. Kahsai went on to say that it is expected to conduct eye surgery on about 1500 patients and that will ease the burden of the Brhan Aini Hospital.

Indicating that they have conducted similar eye surgery in Nepal, Ghana and Ethiopia, members of the ‘Himalayan Cataract Project’ team said that the efficient preparation in Eritrea has contributed to the successful implementation of the program.

The CEO of the ‘Himalayan Cataract Project’ Dr. Reeta Gurung said that the ‘Fred Hollows Intraocular Lens Laboratories’ that were set up in Eritrea and Nepal in the same period are supplying the market with fair price.