[HISTORY] WALTA – Eritrea – The war of MaEmide in 1978

ERi-TV: Walta / ዋልታ – The Eritrean Defence Forces Program – ውግእ ማዕሚደ

….. On November 1978, enemy troops started the offensive on these three fronts. The Dergue, taking advantage of its arms and manpower superiority was able to break the EPLA lines by stretching the trenches making it impossible for the EPLA to cover it, but not without a price. Consequently the EPLA was forced to withdraw. The EPLA however draw the enemy in to several ambushes including in Elabered and Mamide were it has lost thousands of troops, hundreds of armoured vehicles and artilleries.

The enemy’s plan to capture the main base of the EPLF by controlling Afabet and Nakfa and fighting its way through Marsa Teklay was discouraged by its heavy loss and defeat in Elabered, Ma’emide and Azhara. The result was from 1979 onwards the Derg focused on preparing for its third offensive.