International Children’s Day observed in ERITREA

International Children’s Day observed

Asmara, 21 November 2019- International Children’s Day was observed on 20 November at the Expo compound under the theme “Integrated Effort to Ensure Children’s Rights”.

At the event in which senior Government and PFDJ officials and, members of the Diplomatic community and representatives of UN offices in Eritrea took part, Mr. Mihreteab Fessehaye, Director General of Human Welfare at the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, said that the Popular Front since the arduous times of the armed struggle for independence has been striving to ensure the rights of children.

Mr. Mihreteab went on to say that after independence the Government of Eritrea ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, showing the priority it accords to the welfare and safety of Eritrean children.

The Representative of UNICEF in Eritrea, Ms. Shaheen Nilofer on her part said that children that grew in a better environment have the potential of becoming responsible citizens. Ms. Shaheen also commended the Government of Eritrea for the efforts it is taking in providing educational opportunity and health services including vaccination programs to ensure child health and safety.

The event was featured with photo exhibition and cultural and artistic programs.

The International Children’s Day is being observed for the 28th time at national level and for the 61st time at international level.