INTERVIEW : Mr Habteab Tsege , Head of Mining Eng. Department at Mai Nefhi College

Embassy Media conducted an Interview with Mr. Habteab Tsege , Head of Mining Engineering Department, Mai Nefhi College, 15th July 2017 in Vienna Austria.

Mr. Habteab Tsege, stated that the inscription of Asmara city onto the UNESCO World Heritage list is a symbol of pride and achievement for the Eritrean people and shoulders the responsibility to maintain its status.

He said, Asmara, the capital city of Eritrea, is a unique and distinct social environment of modernist architectural design realized in an African highland setting – known for its well-preserved buildings of modernist architectural designs, Asmara is the first World Heritage Site to be recognised in Eritrea.

Mr Habteab further explain, Africa’s last, lost, great civilization, The Land of Punt, has been proven to be located in Eritrea.

Using laboratory analysis of Baboon mummies from Punt found in ancient burials in Egypt scientists have conclusively established that the nearest relatives to the Punt baboons are found in Eritrea on the Red Sea.

The closest relatives were found in the hills behind the modern port city of Massawa which lies at the mouth of Zula Bay behind which can be found the ruins of the ancient city empire of Adulis.

Mr. Habteab Tsege called on participants to work for preserving the strong values of the People of Eritrea. He concluded that “Punt is a sort of circumscribed region that includes and all of Eritrea.