The legendary Eritrean Artist Tsehaytu Beraki passes away

The legendary Eritrean Artist Tsehaytu Beraki passes away

The legendary Artist Tsehaytu Beraki passes away on 24 May at the age of 79 in Holland.


Tsehaytu Beraki is an Eritrean musician, poet and political activist, known for her singing and playing of the krar.

Tsehaytu Beraki was born in 1939, in the small town of Quatit. She had thought that she born in Eritrea’s capital city Asmara, but in fact only moved there as a baby. It was not until she returned to Asmara in 1999, that the full story was told to her by her sister Rishan.

Beraki started playing the krar, a five-stringed harp, when she was about eight years old, eventually playing at weddings and parties. Her inspirations were Tsehaytu Ghergish, Fana Etel, and especially Tsehaytu Zennar, whose songs included Annes Ay keremneye Wala Hankas Yekunye (I need a man as soon as possible, even if he’s crippled).

Tsehaytu Beraki left school at sixteen, and played the krar as her full-time career. She writes all of her own music and lyrics, and people would come from as far as Addis Ababa in Ethiopia to record her.From 1964 onwards, her lyrics became more political, and “people were surprised that I dared to sing them”.

From March 1977, she became actively involved in the Eritrean independence struggle. She eventually had to leave, moving to Sudan and in 1988, Rotterdam, Netherlands.[1] She returned to Asmara in 1999.

As well as krar, Beraki plays kobero and bass-krar.

The veteran fighter, Dr. Nerayo joined the EPLF in 1975 and served his country and people with strong dedication in various capacities in the health sector in the pre-independence period and in the Eritrean Relief and Rehabilitation in the post-independence period.

She was a Wonderful, Talented and Unique Artist. The death of legendary Artist Tsehaytu Beraki is a big loss for Eritrea.

Expressing deep sorrow of the passing away of legendary Artist Tsehaytu Beraki, expresses condolences to families and friends.

May Her Soul Rest in Peace

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