Mainstream media undermine and insults the intelligence of the Eritrean people

Mainstream media undermine and insults the intelligence of the people

We have seen tendencies on how the mainstream media politicize news about Eritrea and Eritreans living in the diaspora. For more than 15 years, we have witnessed how the mainstream media undermines Eritrea’s right to self-governance. The deliberate actions taken to try to undermine the sovereignty of the country by systematically giving an angled image of Eritrea and Eritreans living in the West on the various mainstream media outlets are widely known. We should recall that Eritrea and its people have defeated Africa’s largest army during the 30-year war, supported by the great powers and survived challenges that few countries in this world can compare to.

When it comes to surviving challenges, Eritrea has gracefully met every hinder that comes its way with great courage which never wavered. Eritrea wanting to go its own way and the west wanting to dictate and refuse to give the country the right to be self-reliant because of geopolitical reasons, is another sour example of the west wanting to influence where it’s not welcomed. Despite the constant intervention of the faithful external actors, the Eritrean government and the people of Eritrea are occupied with the rebuilding of the country with their own resources. Eritrea’s government is investing in the democratic infrastructure in order for Eritrea’s present and future generations to continue living in a democratic ruled state.

What is unique with Eritrea and the Eritrean people is that the principles and values that led to Eritrea’s independence are precisely the principles and values that hold the Eritreans united and welded together. The sensitivity to follow the truth and do the right thing, for freedom and justice today and tomorrow.

The prerequisites for development must originate and has its ground in the country in question. Eritrea’s conviction is that the main responsibility for growth and development rests solely on Eritrea and its people. The outside world can be supportive and encouraging, but they cannot under any circumstances create any conditions that Eritrea needs to follow. The outside world’s support must enable Eritrea to stand on its own feet and grow on the basis of its own conditions. It will not control or replace the efforts of a developing country like Eritrea seeking to get out of poverty.

Diaspora Eritreans want to urge mainstream media once more to become an example instead of living up to yet another imperialist horror example.

Diaspora Eritrean, Sweden