Patriotic Ginbot 7 has suspended all self-defense operations using fire arms all regions of Ethiopia

Patriotic Ginbot7 has unilaterally suspended all self-defense activities using arms – Press Release

For the past many years, the Ethiopian people have engaged in a painstaking struggle to extricate themselves from brutal repression and to transition to a democratic order. Recently, a reformist group from within the EPRDF that has its roots in the current popular struggle for democracy, has come to the forefront, and is actually leading the struggle. In our recent Press Release, we have unequivocally stated our strong support for this bold move and pledged to stand with the Ethiopian people and the reformist group leading the change.

PG7 has repeatedly stated its strong conviction that peaceful struggle and civil political discourse devoid of any form of violence will pave the way to democratic transition. It has to be noted that the only reason armed resistance became necessary in our country is to defend our people and country from the repression of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front’s (TPLF) regime that terrorizes its citizens.

The steps being taken by the reformist group within the governing coalition led by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed have given us a ray of hope that peaceful transition to genuine democracy, our long-standing objective, is a real possibility. In a two-day special meeting held June 19- June 20, the PG7 Executive Committee carefully evaluated the current situation. After careful deliberation, aiming to fully support the reform movement, the leadership has decided as follows.

As of today June 22, 2018, Patriotic Ginbot 7 has suspended all self-defense operations using fire arms in all regions of Ethiopia. Our forces have received strict orders to refrain from any form of armed resistance. This decision to suspend self-defense activities using arms is a self-initiated positive step that takes into full consideration our preparedness and determination to foil any attempt to derail the current change process by anti-change elements within EPRDF. The unilateral step also considers our role in helping, guiding and encouraging the peaceful struggle underway in Ethiopia.

Unity is Strength!
Victory to the Ethiopian People!
June 22, 2018