Press Release: “Eritrea deplores US unlawful Acts” & Annexes Eritrea’s FM

Annexes to the Press Release of Eritrea’s Foreign Ministry

Press Release: Eritrea deplores US unlawful Acts

The US Administration has leveled unacceptable accusations against Eritrea
announcing associated measures that it will take against the Chief of Staff of
Eritrea’s Defense Forces under what it terms the “Global Magnitsky Act”.

The Government of Eritrea rejects, both in letter and spirit, the utterly baseless
allegations and blackmail directed against it.

This is not, indeed, the first time for the US Administration to float such
baseless smear campaigns against Eritrea. In his response of March 13 th , 2021
to US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, Eritrea’s Foreign Minister had
stated that “it is unfortunate that you have drawn certain conclusions on the
basis of unsubstantiated media disinformation. I am also dismayed by the tone
of your letter which seems to revert to unconstructive policies successive US
Administrations had pursued on Eritrea in the past thirty years. I do not wish to
go into acrimonious details in this letter but earnestly hope for timely

In the face of the repetitive and unwarranted accusations, Eritrea cannot remain
silent. In the circumstances, Eritrea calls on the US Administration to bring the
case to an independent adjudication if it indeed has facts to prove its false

The Government of Eritrea also urges the UN Security Council to shoulder its
responsibility to deter and seek redress to repeated acts of flagrant violations of
international law and the sovereignty of peoples and nations by the United
States of America.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
23 August 2021

*(The Diplomatic Note conveyed to Eritrea’s Foreign Ministry today through
the US Embassy in Asmara, and the communications between US Secretary of

State and Eritrea’s Foreign Minister of March 2021 will be made public as
part and parcel of this Press Release)

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