Reflection – Eritrea 26th Independence Celebration in London 2017

Busy rejuvenating in the warmth of Independence Week!

To walk in the streets of the Capital Asmara peacefully and stay out as late as it can be, to remain at home and sleep well without any worries of what might happen during that night or the next morning was just a dream to Eritreans 26 years back. Freedom to the freedom fighters and the people of Eritrea was priceless. Every family shared same pain and memory, which is why now even a little kids know the value of freedom and the history behind it. May 24, is a huge day for Eritreans to remember, unite and celebrate. It is time to celebrate
to watch the drams that reflect the past, 26th Independence Celebration in London @ Troxy – Saturday 20th May 2017.

Happy Independence Eritrea.