Stop Tamrat Negera from raising money using “gofundme​.​com”

STOP “Tamrat Negera Feyisa” from raising money using “gofundme.com”.

Mr Tamrat Negera Feyisa is raising money to spread his ruthless ideology under the cover of opening his new Media studio.

I believe this funding’s main purpose is to intentionally target and spread terror to group of people or country like Eritrea, whom he “Mr Tamrat Negera” don’t agree they should exist. To achieve this he is preaching his ruthless ideology all over social media, among others Facebook,You tube and Twitter. He is deliberately misleading and miss informing so many people inorder to get publicity . We urge gofundme.com not to allow him withdraw a penny from the money raised so far in his name, instead please donate it for good cause to a charity.  Please stop such people from getting funding using your plat form at all. Let peace and love among people flourish.

Thank you.

Solomon Teck started this petition to gofundme.com, Ethiopian Government & Banks and Amnesty International