Why is Sudan talking only about Eritrean opposition? The issue is actually “the use of Egyptian troops in Sawa”

Sudan denies accusations of supporting Eritrean opposition

KHARTOUM, March 24 (Xinhua) — Sudan on Saturday denied the accusations of supporting and funding an Eritrean opposition group.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is very surprised over the statement by Eritrea’s Information Ministry which included allegations such as allowing an opposition group to exercise political and military activities in Kassala town near the border,” said Sudan’s foreign ministry in a statement Saturday.

The ministry reiterated that the claims by the Eritrean information ministry were “fabricated and baseless accusations.”

It renewed Sudanese government’s full commitment to the policy of good neighborliness and non-intervention in the internal affairs of neighboring and brotherly countries.

The ministry further reiterated that Sudan would continue to be an active party in the efforts aiming at realizing security and stability in the region.

The Eritrean government on Friday accused Qatar and Sudan of secretly supporting an Eritrean opposition group in an isolated area in Sudan.

It accused the Sudanese intelligence and security services of running the training and logistical tasks of the group, claiming that the Qatari embassy in Khartoum was funding these activities.

Last January, Sudan announced that there were security threats on its eastern border with Eritrea.

Consequently, Sudan closed its border with Eritrea and deployed thousands of troops alongside the joint border.