The Cool List 2019 of National Geographic Traveller include ERITREA

ERITREA is part of “The Cool List 2019”, National Geographic Traveller UK

12. Eritrea

Why now? Having struck new peace agreements with neighbouring Ethiopia and Djibouti, this little-visited African country is opening up to adventurous travellers as well as those with an eye for architecture.

Main attractions: Eritrea is a former colony of Mussolini’s Italy and its capital, Asmara, is a treasure trove of mid-century modernist architecture, where espressos, mopeds and vintage Fiats are as common as mojitos and Cadillacs are in Havana. In 2017, UNESCO declared the entire city centre a World Heritage Site. Beyond Asmara, Eritrea has intriguing towns and wilderness regions to discover. The Red Sea is barely two hours away; from the port of Massawa you can visit the Dahlak Archipelago for superb diving. In July 2018, Ethiopian Airlines resumed its flights from Addis Ababa to Asmara for the first time in 20 years, meaning it’s now easy to visit both capitals in one trip. 


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