The recent spate of negative articles on Eritrea provoke a number of questions.

The recent spate of negative articles on Eritrea by the usual suspects/detractors provoke a number of questions in terms of motive, timing and theme; especially the use and denigration of “National Service” as a convenient political punch bag for their campaign of defamation.

The telltale signs are many but mostly emanate from their presumptuous conjectures/expectations for the peace process to falter. This was never the case & Pre. Isaias’ routine & periodic visit to Ethiopia early this month debunked their predictions compelling them to change tack

Let us make, for the umpteenth time, two fundamental parameters clear: i) Eritrea will never solicit external advice/dictat on how it organizes its security & developmental architectures: ii) the peace process is healthy, alive and kicking because it is pivotal for regional peace