The TPLF Junta fired rockets/missiles at Asmara, no casualties

Last night, right before 8pm, several large explosions were heard in Asmara. The TPLF fired rockets/missiles at Asmara, our capital. They landed on the outskirts of Asmara (not far from my friends and relatives, and several minutes from my residence).

There were no casualties, no injuries, and no major damage (i.e., no homes or buildings were hit). Investigations are obviously ongoing and relevant authorities are collecting remnants/debris, etc. Reports that Zena, Airport, etc. were hit are completely false (was there last night and this AM)! Also completely false are the reports/images that Asmara is on fire or is in mayhem. The truth is that everything is normal and calm, as always. Of course, citizens were at first understandably surprised/concerned, but things are back to normal. Today, church, early morning sport, ga’at, fruit sellers, bike riding, etc.

This act by the TPLF has several aims. They are trying to lure, provoke Eritrea into conflict, as they think this will somehow help them (e.g., internationalizing can help them out of situation they are in.). They also want to spread fear, panic, and confusion, as they believe it will lead to cracks in a strong, united front from Eritrea and its people. You can expect more attacks today.

Ajokum. Alena. *God Bless Eritrea*

By Los Cebollitas from Asmara