Today started The Eritrean cabinet of ministers Meeting in Asmara

#Eritrea’s Cabinet of Ministers held extensive discussions this morning on: i) scope & ramifications of z new reality in z region spurred & epitomized by z historic Eritrea- Ethiopia Peace Agreement; & ii) broad contours of Comprehensive/regional Strategic Partnership in z offing

The Cabinet of Ministers reiterated the five pillars that govern regional partnership: i.e. i) respect of each other’s sovereignty; ii) articulated Framework of Common Interests; iii) Rejection of harmful extraneous agendas; iv) Conducive regional climate; & v) Sectors of Synergy

In this context, the Cabinet discussed programmes/projects of port-rehabilitation/expansion, road infrastructure, energy, industrial set-ups & associated matters. Blueprints of these programmes, including funding aspects, are being worked out & slated for finalization in 3 months

Source : Yemane G.Mesket via Tweeter