TPLF has left Badme without firing a single shot, EP

According Eritrean Press page on Facebook, The TPLF Abandons Badme.

07 Nov 2020 – (EP) TPLF has left Badme without firing a single shot after the Ethiopian Defense Forces advanced from Eritrea, EP has been informed today.

Two Ethiopian division armies had crossed the northern international border when TPLF special forces tried to snatch weapons from garrisons bordering Eritrea on Wednesday.
Unconfirmed report suggests that Shiraro (pictured) has fallen to the advancing Ethiopian army.

Meanwhile, in the east of Tigray, the Ethiopian troops have blocked all routes that lead to the Afar region whilst in the southern part, TPLF forces have retreated to Alamata areas, according to a source.

The Ethiopian troops have already controlled the so-called western side of Tigray region.