Two Eritrean under age football talents to take part at F4F

Two Eritrean under age youth to take part at F4F


Asmara, 02 June 2018- Abel Solomon and Aminadab Yinatan, two under age football talents are set to participate at the Football For Friendship project organized by FIFA in connection with the Russia World Cup 2018. The project is being organized with a view to bring children from all over the world to share their experiences, traditions and cultures on top of watching the world cup tournament.

The initiative for the inclusion of the two Eritrean children was taken in cooperation with FIFA, the Embassy of the Russian Federation and the National Football Federation of Eritrea.

According to Mr. Taha Nur Mohammed-Brhan, President of the National Football Federation, the grass root program started in 2012 and currently there are 16 grass root teams from the 16 sub-zones in Asmara and about 250 children are participating.

According to the Public Relations officer of the Football Federation in the Central region, Abel and Aminadab, aged 11 to 12 are selected from the more than 250 children taking part at the grass root program. Among the criteria for selection was their talent in football, discipline, punctuality at training and the future prospect they have.

The program is expected to motivate the youth talents develop their football career and become role models to others and thereby contribute in the development of the sport in the country.