[VIDEO] ▶ Seattle man beaten by radical Oromo protesters

A video circulating on social media among Ethiopians purportedly shows Radical Oromo youth groups,who were protesting in support of  activists and politicians who are arrested in connection with the massacre of at least 181 people the Oromo region of Ethiopia, beating a Seattle man who does seem to have nothing to do with the issue they are protesting about.

borkena was unable to obtain details of the man who was beaten by at least five people in the city of Seattle this week.

Initially he seemed to have handled well the young man who started the fight but he was overpowered as multiples of as the crowds of the former gave a helping hand.

They took him down to the ground, kicked him and punched him. However, he sustained only minor injury.

“I am fine,” he said when an Ethiopian lady,who was mad with  what the Oromo radicals did to him, asked him if he was okay.

The victim seems to be a teenager or in his early 20’s.

Emerging reports in social media indicates that Seattle Police have made arrests in connection with the incident.

It i unclear if the man is interested in going after them to hold them legally accountable.