[VIDEO] Deadly anti-government protests escalate in Sudan, Backgrounds

Thousands of people in Sudan are protesting the country’s brutal government and president. Officials have clashed with activists and fired tear gas at crowds over the past few weeks. CBSN contributor and Signal newsletter writer for GZero Media, Alex Kliment, explains the latest.

Anti-Government Demonstrators March Through Port Sudan

Anti-government protests in Sudan continued on Monday, January 7, with groups taking to the streets in the city of Port Sudan. This footage shows a glimpse of the protestors, most of whom the uploader identified as young university students, as they chant and march. Anti-government demonstrations in Sudan, sparked by rising prices, began in December.

Many have turned violent, with buildings vandalized and local security forces firing tear gas at protestors. A December 24 report from Amnesty International stated that an estimated 37 protesters had been shot dead by security forces since the start of the demonstrations.

More than 800 demonstrators have been arrested, AFP reported. The protestors have called for the resignation of President Omar al-Bashir, who has been in power since 1989. A constitutional amendment proposed this month would allow him to retain his position past the end of his term in 2020. Please note that the downloadable version of this video has all of the uploader’s footage combined in one. Credit: AlaaAlwahab via Storyful