[VIDEO] Glorious – Interview with Eritrea versatile artiste ‘Abeba Haile’ 

Abeba Haile’s guitar strings’ vibrancy of 25 years!

Musician, singer and song writer Abeba Haile’s commemorate her musical journey’s silver jubilee. The artist glowed in the event more than ever in the presence of many people of all generations including senior and junior artists, poets, writers, art critiques, musicians, friends and a big number of fans. One of the most respected elite Eritrean writers, Solomon Drar, Alemseged Tesfay and Habtom Beyene applauded Abeba for her consistency over the years. While young entertainment reporters present at the event celebrated her endowment and keenness in conveying new energy and ideas through her music. The public has known Abeba Haile since she was a teenager, way before independence, when she was still an art student in Bet Tmirti Sawra, the school of revolution in the fields. Her rather petite figure and the guitar she carries in her back recurrently, is how she is lives in the , memories of many.

Embassy Media – Glorious-Interview with Eritrea versatile artiste ‘Abeba Haile’