[VIDEO HISTORY] Ethiopian Drought & Famine 1970-1979

[HISTORY] Ethiopian Drought & Famine (1970-1979)

VS of drought hit country. MS of carcass of dead cow on ground. VS of dead and dying cows. The soil is parched and cracked. Pan across drought ridden area. More shots of soil – baked by he sun. More dead cows.

Ethiopians looking emaciated, some are dying, many are children. Families arrive at famine relief centre. Shots of malnourished people. CU of tiny young girl, her face covered with flies, as she eats a few beans. MS of dead body left out wrapped in rags. More shots of bodies and people laying down to die from hunger. VS of very thin people. Many just lie or sit down. VS of corpses of men and children being laid out prior to burial. Shots of their mother and relatives. VS of people sitting in groups waiting to be given rations from aid workers. Children sit drinking thin soup.

(E/C Neg.)