[VIDEO Reportage] Ethiopian PM Abiy visit to Eritrean Ports Assab & Massawa

Talking to members of the media PM Abiy said that the beginning of the Ethiopian Airlines regular flight coupled with the ongoing roads renovation to start land transportation service will have significant contribution in the strengthening of the relation between the two countries.

Ethiopian Commercial ship arrives at Massawa Port

Massawa, 05 September 2018- Ethiopian Commercial ship “Mekele” that won the bid to transport zinc of Bisha Minining Company has arrived at Massawa Port today, 5 September.

The Commercial Ship has the capacity of loading 12 thousand tons and is expected to load and leave the port within 20 hours.

Following the peace and friendship agreement signed by the two countries, “Mekele” Commercial Ship is the first Ethiopian ship to dock at the Massawa port after 20 years.

Indicating that the Massawa port has been for many years accommodating ships of various sizes, Mr. Dawit Mengsteab, General Manager of the Eritrean Ports Authority, said that strong effort is being exerted to alleviate the shortcomings of the port and make it competitive port in the region.