[VIDEO REPORTAGE] President Salva Kiir’s visit in ERITREA

President Salva Kiir visits development sites

Asmara, 20 August 2018- President Salva Kiir Mayardit accompanied by President Isaias Afwerki visited various development sites in the Southern region.

The development sites that President Salva Kiir visited include the Tekera and Misilam dams, agricultural projects, diary farms, transportation infrastructure, as well as solar energy system.

Mr. Mike A Beng, Minister at the President’s Office, said that the development sites they visited attest to tremendous development efforts Eritrea is making based on self-reliance.

Foreign Minister Osman Saleh on his part said that the visit of President Salva Kiir to Eritrea will have important contribution in the effort being exerted to ensure peace and development in the region.