Alice Ukoko, friend of Eritrea passed away, R.I.P.

Inspirational women to remember:- ALICE UKOKO

The Embassy of the State of Eritrea to the United Kingdom & Ireland wishes to convey its sincerest condolences to the family of the life-long friend of Eritrea, Alice Ukoko.

Alice passed away in a London hospital. This is a great loss for the world, She founded Women of Africa in September 1994 to provide a platform for African women to lobby and engage in the political efforts.

“I give myself to the service of others guided by my life experiences. As I recognize my life experiences in what others are going through my philosophy is that there is no need for them to suffer what I have already suffered. My life experiences are showcased by the achievements and on-going activities of the Women Of Africa created in 1993 as Women Of Nigeria International (WONI). My hope is that since I have been through these challenges there is no need for others to go through them.

Growing up in the Delta of Nigeria where I was born I experienced the short comings of being an African girl in a culture still developing and traditions in urgent need of modernisation. Where necessary I try to educate the world on African tradition with the hope that Africans can modernise them in time.” Alice Ukoko

Rest in Peace!

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