British Ambassador to Eritrea will Be Summoned Due To The BBC Tigrinya Service

Brittain Ambassador in Eritrea Will Be Summoned Due To The BBC Tigrinya Service Editor’s Inflammatory Comments and the pro TPLF editorial line

The British lately have softened up their usual hostile posture ever since UAE gained access to our ports…The UAE was originally a British client state and they still have influence

It is not far fetch we might see adjustments and changes with the BBC Tigrinya Service Editors position and editorial line…Stat Tuned! >> Filmon Zerai FB

“Just for the record: the Ministry of Information (MOI) had shunned/ostracized the Nairobi-based BBC Tigrigna Service from the outset; precisely because its nefarious agenda was clearly discernible from the beginning” Y. G/M

“Indeed the problem is much deeper and goes beyond the latest diatribes of this inconsequential loony. In any case, and for what it is worth, the Foreign Ministry here will be summoning the British Ambassador for proper de marche” Y. G/M