How I Spent NYE At A Wedi Tikabo Concert In Dallas-My Reflections..

How I Spent NYE At A Wedi Tikabo Concert In Dallas-My Reflections..

BY Filmon Zerai FB

Last night i took my partner to checkout the singer Wedi Tikabo and ring in the new year with local Eritreans in Dallas…At first i had apprehension and felt uncomfortable with the circle and promoters responsible for bringing him to Dallas as they are all regime change activists but i know the circle as the Eritrean community is small and everyone is aware of each other in the diaspora…My apprehension was around where the money from the concert will be used or whether the concert will be politicized or used as an endorsement of their agenda…Surprisingly it wasn’t political and Wedi Tikabo performance was solid without any efforts to politicize anything..

Now it is true that Wedi Tikabo has been a controversial figure ever since he left Eritrea few years ago and became anti government of Eritrea as he was a very popular singer with popular support but he made a bad decision to be involved in the politics or be exploited by the regime change activists in the US…He should have left Eritrea and become a neutral voice that unites all sides in the diaspora instead he became a partisan singer and doesn’t have the same popularity as before..Sadly he is seen as leper due to his partisan politics now

Despite his name the concert venue where he was performing in Dallas last night wasn’t at full capacity and i think it could have been at full capacity if he was a neutral unifying singer and that has hurt his legacy but also his business and profit margins as a political performer..

I believe Wedi Tikabo legacy can be rehabilitated and people can support him if he makes the wise decision to be a unifying figure..If he is smart this can beneficial to his profit and professional career that can open many more doors outside the limited options provided by music associated with partisan politics

Regardless me and my partner had a good time…the important lesson is that despite my disagreement with the people behind the concert i still went to the concert and shake their hands while enjoying the NYE with Eritreans..At the end of the day the politics is temporary my Eritrean people are my Eritrean people despite the politics of the diaspora

Thats my energy for 2019…

Happy New Year Everyone! Yowhannes Tquabo Eribromosstick