Discussion forum by Eritrean and Sudanese Friendship Association

Asmara, 30 January 2020- The Eritrean Embassy in the Sudan in cooperation with the Eritrean Sudanese Peoples Friendship Association organized discussion forum focusing on the development of relations and cooperation between the two peoples.

The discussion forum was attended by officials, intellectuals, journalists and interested Sudanese as well as members of the Eritrean community.

Indicating that various programs are being worked out aimed at strengthening the relationship and cooperation between the two peoples, the Charge d’Affairs at the Eritrean Embassy in Sudan, Mr. Ibrahim Idris said that the discussion forum will have significant contribution to that effect.

Pointing out on the historical relations between the peoples of Eritrea and Sudan, Dr. S. Kedir and Prof. Buhari A. Ali called for reinforced effort for the highest level of friendship and cooperation.

Dr. Ibrahim Alamin and Eng. Mohamed Faruq on their part commending for the organizers for organizing the discussion forum gave extensive briefings on the support the Sudanese people extended to the Eritrean people during the armed struggle for independence as well as the stance and solidarity of the people and Government of Eritrea to the free choice of the Sudanese people.