[ERITREA] Mendefera School of Assistant Nurses graduates 117 students

Mendefera, 19 September 2020 – In its 13th commencement, Mendefera School of Assistant Nurses graduated 117 students today, 17 September.

During the graduation ceremony, the director of the school, Mr. Bereket Fessehaye commending the graduates for their contribution to contain the spread of coronavirus, called on them to diligently serve the people and Government that educated them and develop their professional skills through experience and learning.

Coordinator of Schools for Assistant Nurses at the Ministry of Health, Sister Alganesh Teklegergish on her part stated that the schools of assistant nurses that were established in 2003 in Gindae, Barentu, and Mendefera are playing a significant role in meeting national health goals by graduating thousands of health professionals.

Sister Alganesh went on to say that the three schools have graduated a total of 310 students of which 62% are females this year alone.

Dr. Berhane Debru, Acting Director-General of Policy, Planning, and Human Development at the Ministry of Health on his part pointing out that Eritrea is working to meet the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, said that human resources development is a major priority goal.

The representative of the graduates on her part expressed readiness to serve the people and Government with all diligence.

In its 17 years of establishment, Mendefera School of Assistant Nurses has graduated a total of 1434 students.