ERITREA: Residential Houses has resumed in the Villages and Semi-urban Senters, Minister Woldemicael

Seminar on ensuring social justice

Mendefera, 20 January 2019- The Minister of Local Government, Mr. Woldemicael Abraha conducted seminar to representatives of the public and line ministries in the Southern region on 18 January in Mendefera.

Indicating that the Government is exerting effort to ensure social justice, Minister Abraha called for strengthening organizational capacity and in the implementation of national development drives.

Minister Woldemicael pointing out that the government is putting in place big agricultural projects aimed at boosting agricultural production, indicated that effort will be made to provide farmers the opportunity of becoming beneficiaries of the projects.

Regarding construction, Minister Woldemicael indicated that construction of residential houses has resumed in the villages and semi-urban centers and effort is being made to resume in the cities in accordance with the basic demands.

The participants conducted extensive discussion on the reports presented and adopted recommendations including allotment of lands for construction of residential houses, village regroupings, putting in place social service provision institutions, as well as educational and health facilities and others.