Eritrean U20 National soccer Fundraising, Eritreans has so far raised $ 43,985

According the Fundraising Team of The Eritrean National U-20 Soccer/Football Team,
The Eritrean supporters has so far raised $ 43,985

“Once again what took place in such a short time to create a movement that will benefit the Eritrean national under 20 football/soccer team is amazing. I write an update to inform you of the communication between myself and “gofundme” has been ongoing and they will finally disperse the funds today and once it gets to the ENFF we will further update you. We are using the proper channels here in the USA through our Eritrean embassy as they are the legal body of the State of Eritrea where the funds will finally be delivered. This has been a great journey. Much respect and appreciation to all of you our donors and team that helped fundraise for this unique occasion.”

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Source : Eri-internationalsports.org @ GoFundMe