Eritrea’s Response to Djibouti’s Cynical Accusation

Eritrea’s Response to Djibouti’s Cynical Accusation

(Intervention second round)

Mr. Chair,

I would like to thank those who in their interventions stressed the importance of constructive partnership in the promotion and protection of human right as well as expressing their concern about politicization, double standards and selectivity of the human rights mechanism.

I disagree with SR on her assertion that the report of the COI was accepted. I wish to draw the attention of the third committee delegates to the resolution that was adopted last year by the human rights council. The report was simply noted. It was not accepted.

1. With regard to the intervention made by representative of Djibouti, my delegation did not even mention Djibouti in its statement, however, we note with regret that Djibouti has made it its business to attack Eritrea at the behest of others in all fora, the Human Rights Council ,Security Council and the Third Committee.

2. Eritrea would like to reiterate that it has no Djiboutian prisoners of war. Eritrea has released all the PoWs. More importantly, the human rights records of the government of Djibouti does not give it any moral authority to speak in this Committee about any country. Let’s be frank.

3. Djibouti is a country ruled by family. It is a country where the human rights of citizens is curtailed and abused and violations occur with a sense of impunity. Djiboutian authorities have shot and killed 30 innocent civilians in neighborhood of Balbala while celebrating a religious holiday. Almost two years after the incident the families of the victims are still waiting to see their days in court.

4. Charity begins at home. before pointing finger at others, the most appropriate thing to do is, to look inward. Let’s stop this hypocrisy. We interact in the Third Committee with the clear understanding that we all have to raise human rights standards everywhere.

In conclusion, I would like to reiterate that Eritrea’s door is and has always been open for all those who want to genuinely engage in constructive dialogue and cooperation in the promotion of human rights.

I thank you Mr. Chair