Micael Habtom from Eri-Tel wins Tour Eritrea 2017

Tour Eritrea 2017 concludes

Asmara, 24 April 2017- Tour Eritrea 2017 which commenced on 15 April with UCI category 1.2 “Fenkil Challenge” concluded on 23 April with the “Asmara Circuit”. In the race that covered 125.4 kilometers Micael Habtom from Eri-Tel, Yohannes Tesfai from Sembel, Saimon Musie from the Eritrean national team stood from 1st to 3rd respectively.

At teams level Eri-Tel, Sembel and the Eritrean national team stood from 1st to 3rd respectively.

In the 5th and final stage of the Tour Eritrea 2017, UCI’s 2.2 category that was conducted on Saturday from Massawa to Asmara that covered 107.79 k.m. and Zemenfes Solomon member of the Eritrean national team became the winner of the stage, overall classification with the yellow jersey and the king of the mountains. Jin Cloude Awzien and Jin Bosko Sengimana both from the Rwanda national Cycling Team finished 2nd and 3rd respectively and climbed the podium with Zemenfes Solomon.

The national teams from Eritrea, Rwanda, Sudan, Kenya and the Republic of South Africa as well as Eri-Tel, Sembel, Asbeco, Baike-Aid, Amore-Vita and Global teams took part in the Tour Eritrea 2017.

In related news, Kenyan Athlete Daniel Wanjuru became the winner of the London Marathon while Eritrean athletes Girmai Gebreselasie and Amanuel Mesel stood 6th and 8th respectively.