Politicizing Eritrean Migration for “regime change”

Coverage of Eritrean migration has been highly politicized leading to
much confusion on the issue. Journalists usually quote suspected
traffickers and/or activists with declared “regime change” agenda for
their perspectives on conditions inside Eritrea and these accounts are
then used to present a “human rights” case against the country.

The explanation then for “harsh” conditions inside Eritrea misses the
point by a mile. No reference is made to the no-war-no-peace situation
inside the country caused by Ethiopia’s calculated hostility, its
maneuvering inside regional bodies, and its refusal to abide by a
final and binding decision. Furthermore, preferential treatment of
Eritrean asylum seekers designed to drain Eritrea of its most
important resource, along with sanctions based on cooked evidence of
support for terrorism, and an intrusive and biased UNHCR stand
against the country’s government and people has greatly tainted the
debate on migration.

This documentary by African Strategies, in collaboration with the Red
Sea Institute, raises key questions that mainstream media deliberately
ignores and is a continuation of a series of documentaries that try to
present THE OTHER NARRATIVE on Eritrea.