Events Photos :The 20th Anniversrary of Mahbere-Kom Eritrea in Frankfurt

Events Photos :The 20th Anniversrary of Mahbere-Kom #Eritrea in #Frankfurt – #Germany

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Mahberekom Eritrea in Frankfurt celebrated the 20th Anniversary on Saturday 16 September under the theme of SINIT-Harmony.

Eritrean nationals’ resolve to augment contribution

Asmara, 18 September 2017- Eritrean community members in Frankfurt and its environs, Germany, expressed resolve to strengthen organizational capacity and participation in the national development drives. They expressed the commitment at an event they organized on 16 September in connection with the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the community.

Commending the participation of the Eritrean nationals residing in Frankfurt and its environs in the national development programs in the past 20 years, Mr. Yohannes Debas, Eritrean Consul General, expressed conviction that the nationals will continue contribution towards martyrs trust funds and resilience against the external conspiracies against the homeland.

Mr. Yohannes pointed out that the external forces have been targeting the Eritrean youth, the backbone of the nation, however, contrary of their expectation the Eritrean youth is challenging their evil intent by standing firm on the side of their people and government.

Mr. Kahsai Tewolde, head of Community and Consular Affairs, said that the Eritrean community is making trustworthy effort in creating platform for the Eritrean youth to motivate them preserve their identity and culture.

The Chairman of the Eritrean community, Mr. Goitom Sebhatu, on his part indicated that the Eritrean nationals in Frankfurt and its environs have been organizing national events since mid 1980, and that in 1997 the Eritrean community was formally established.

The event was highlighted by artistic performances by Eritrean artists in Germany.