[VIDEO] An Analysis about the decay of Woyane TPLF

[VIDEO] An Analysis about the decay of Woyane TPLF


What is wrong with Woyane? Rule as Ethiopian (EPRDF), lie, steal and kill as Tigryian (TPLF)?

by Teshome Debalke

The tragedy with Woyane is; it rules as Ethiopian (EPRDF) and lies, steals and kills as Tigryian (TPLF) and it isn’t by accident. There is a reason behind it if you pay close attention. It used Tigryians as a villain to use them to commit heinous crimes against their people and country to isolate them as it was hired to do as a mercenary against Ethiopians from each other and the world. It is what they call two birds in one rock.

Pay even closer attention. It is still the Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF) for a reason as the only party in a fake collation of EPRDF ruling party it organized that won by 100% in the latest election and the only party with a liberation slogan.

Pay even more attention of the Medias. They report as Ethiopians but cover up the lies and the crime of the Apartheid regime as Tigriyans.

These important details are the making of the Apartheid regime in Ethiopia. If you dig deeper you will find out it is much worst that you think. The Apartheid regime cadres commit crimes everyday on the people of Ethiopia by 100% as they claim to be elected.

I love my people, but they have this strange way of telling Woyanes; they are messed up but watch them commit crimes and make a jackass out of themselves along the way. I can see the wisdom behind it but, it doesn’t work like it doesn’t on out of control teenagers on drug that won’t grow up. What they need is tough love –telling them they are common criminals and must surrender their activity.

Therefore, Woyanes are like an out of control adult on drug in teenager body that would do anything to fix their habits. Their ears are sealed; eyes shut closed and mouth wide-open spewing ashes until a rude awaking slap them back into reality.

Ethiopians repeatedly told the Woyane regime to peacefully surrender power for democratic rule while it is ahead. It failed miserably like a teenager told to kick his habit and stealing and lying to finance it.

Regardless, the next best thing to do is; to tell Woyane supporters and apologists to run as fast if not at a speed of light away from Woyane. If the past is an indication, the likelihood that will happen is minute but, better to tell them than allow them to pull our legs later saying– I didn’t pay attention… watching the economy growing through the roof.

That becoming obvious since Woyane cleaned up the vote by 100% while they pretend missing the biggest ‘organized vote robbery’ in the history of elections – while watching the economy growing like a teenager on steroid. Some of them are hilarious enough to show us comedy, drama and music. It is not clear if they want to sooth our pain to forget what happen or celebrating Woyane’s win without saying it.

My people, it is not unusual for any depot to burry its head in the sand and pretend…I can’t hear you. Nor, you should be surprised when a depot goes in a lying binge — as far as to say the people love me so-much-so they voted for me by 100% to rule, robe, kill… them — as we witnessed on the recent elections.

People should also know; that kind of self-deception is not consciously thought out and doesn’t come out of the blues. It is the result of absorbing continuous lies for extended period that transforms an average person into a walking lying-machine.

But, Woyane took it even further — denying its own existence lying, stealing and killing as Ethiopian.

Quite frankly, I feel sorry for ‘innocent Tigrians’ Woyane use and abuse to commit heinous crimes on their name and left them on their own to face the world. If you pay attention, the real criminals don’t associate themselves with Tigrians –leaving the innocent behind.

I don’t see why Ethiopians are surprised by Woyane . That is how ethnic Apartheid operates and there is no other way it can do it. The problems are the mastermind of the ethnic Apartheid that knew well when they started TPLF against Ethiopians. Instead of being brave enough to dismantle it from its roots they are crying like a helpless child for help or camouflage it with everything they can put their hands on to preserve it.

The fact the people of Ethiopia are under TPLF Apartheid regime doesn’t mean we can’t overcome it.