[VIDEO] Eritrea – Adi Halo – Logo Dam – Blue Gold

This is how the catchments of Adi Halo and Gherghera areas became the sites for Logo Dam and Misilam Dam. Looking back, Mr. Tedros said that before the final draft of the site where Logo Dam is now located, the preliminary study conducted had been improved several times. While determining the dam sites, EMIC also considered several factors, such as water conservation capacity and cost, among others.

Originally, the construction of Logo Dam was projected to be in Adi Kefelet, measuring twenty five meters high and 400 meters long. The capacity was expected to be an estimated 8 million cubic meters of water.

Then the office reconsidered going a little lower towards Zaul, where a 660-meter-long dam could be built with a capacity to hold 14 million cubic meters of water. At the end, EMIC and other stakeholders agreed to build Logo Dam at its current location, suggesting the link of two dams, the saddle dam (functioning as the assisting dam) and the main dam, making Logo Dam what it is now. At 42 meters high, Logo Dam’s volume is 32 million cubic meters of water. With the good rains this summer, the dam at the moment has 14 million cubic meters of water.

Generally, Logo Dam is now functioning as the center of a multifaceted development project.