YPFDJ/PFDJ Orange truly crushed evil intentions in Seattle.

YPFDJ/PFDJ Orange truly crushed evil intentions in Seattle.

No, some did not attend but like thousands and thousands more who did not attend and the many more silent supporters of the ERITREAN nation lead by PFDJ’s wit, there is no doubt that the 2017 Eritrean festival which coincided with the YPFDJ/PFDJ conference proved once again that ERITREA is headed in the right direction towards progress. When large masses gather for a common cause no body should attempt to spoil the event. This is the universal code of conduct. Authorities are informed and the people who are organizing the event have every right to control anyone who attempts to break laws within the limitations of the event.

Some of the people who claim to want democracy and all the challenges that come with it are the ones that do not want to allow people with different views than theirs to assemble. In a clear indication we saw this past year in Holland what took place and because the Dutch mayor of the small town was aiding and abetting illegal behavior those who disrupted the YPFDJ/PFDJ conference thought that “Thuggish” behavior would win and they were wrong.

Throughout history Eritreans in the diaspora have proven to be the best and most well behaved community of demonstrators standing up and believing in their cause. Contrary to that when the so called opposition started to grow in numbers after the Ethio-Eritrea war of the late 1990’s until these days which still remain to be a small number compared to those who stand up for Eritrea and its government, even law enforcement of respective cities throughout the world can vouch for them.

In Seattle this year the youth and adults draped themselves in orange tee shirts. As an expression of solidarity with our Eritrean bitsot in Holland where Orange also happens to be a popular color. The most obvious way to show the national Eritrean pride in Seattle was to done the bright colors.

Starting this past weekend social media and the Internet and media outlets everywhere showed the “oranging effect” from the annual conference and when the conference ended most of the 2017 festival attendees properly “oranged” for the occasion. Hosts, conference participants, even members young and old got in on the orange, joining members of the Eritrean community by dripping in shades of bright citrus colors.

Sad but true in an attempt to derail the gathering of people simply for a great cultural experience, some sellouts and angry losers attempted to tell authorities that many participants were “Illegal Immigrants” and a raid was needed. To their idiotic and hateful bluff, the local law enforcements shunned the losers whose failed and ignorant slogan was “Let’s shield Seattle from the evil PFDJ” well guess what guys! You got Orange crushed and the festival which had bright ERITREAN colors including the old EPLF star crushed your crazy attempt at creating chaos.

Wake up and learn from ERITREANS and the PFDJ that you can’t beat Shaebia! Not today, not tomorrow and we can assure you not EVER! Meanwhile licking Woyane’s boots will even prolong your lifespan.

Awet n’ hizbi Eritrea.

Zikri n’ swaetna.