Eritrea : Domestic flight begins regular flight to and from Asmara-Assab

General Aviation Service Commences Regular Flight

Asmara, 3 February 2017 – General Aviation Service yesterday commenced its two times a week regular flight to and from Asmara-Assab. The beneficiaries expressed appreciation for the initiative.

They further explained that the flight would make significant contribution in developing domestic tourism.

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General Aviation Services to commence domestic flights

Asmara, 23 January 2017- The General Aviation Services (GAS) announced that it will commence domestic flights twice a week every Friday and Sunday starting from 3 February to-and-from Asmara, Massawa and Assab.

Air tickets will be available at Eritrean Airlines ticket office in Asmara, Massawa and Assab.

The aviation service also indicated that the commencement of these flights is aimed at introducing and facilitating pertinent transportation service to-and-from the two port cities of Massawa and Assab and that there are plans to increase flights in the future.

The airplane that will provide flight service has a capacity of transporting 56 passengers on board and that there are plans to expand the flights to other local and regional destinations in the near future.

Meanwhile, GAS announces that in connection with the upcoming holiday of Asterio Pilgrimage it will provide flight services to-and-from Asmara – Massawa from 27 to 30 January.