Eritrea successfully fights the Coronavirus (Covid 19)

Eritrea successfully fights the coronavirus (covid 19). The total number of confirmed cases in the country to-date is 39.

19 patients have recovered fully after standard tests at the National Laboratory and were released from hospital today. No one is dead so far.

Eritrea is doing its best to combat the spread of the Covid19 and the government advises Eritreans to strictly adhere to the Covid19 guidelines.

The Eritrean MoH has issued announcements so far and according to the latest that was issued on March 23rd 2020, all public gatherings including sport, cultural and social events such as baptisms, weddings, church attendance, burials and other events that may bring more than ten people in contact are to be prohibited. In addition, the Eritrean government has mobilized its military to the borders to control illegal border crossing from neighboring countries.

Eritrean government called on nationals that are engaged in various types of business to strictly adhere to the regulations that are being issued in connection with COVID-19 and play due part in the effort to contain the spread. Also the gavernment took punitive measures on traders that made unreasonable price increase on consumer goods in violation of the guidelines issues in line with the effort to contain the spread of corona virus.

Financial and material contribution to the fight against COVID-19 from Eritreans at home & abroad continues with greater momentum.

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