Heroism in the Face of the Great Challenge – FENKIL2020

Fenkil has become a great success because of its pivotal contribution to the realization of the political objective of Eritreans. The greatness and decisiveness of the Fenkil operation lies in its impact on the speed with which independence was achieved, not simply the liberation of Massawa or destruction of the enemy. Through Fenkil Eritreans were able not only to defeat the enemy in battlefield but also end the political and diplomatic dominance of the Derg. The valour of the tank battalions of Fenkil, who choose to take physical risks, is an example of sacrifice. The Jaguar, Commander, and Tiger, now resting in Massawa, have a lot to tell. They were crushed by enemy artillery while crossing sigalet qetan. The commanders of these three tanks were willing to sacrifice their lives in the service of the Eritrean cause.