[VIDEO] New Fossil Findings Discovered in the ancient port of Adulis, Eritrea

Adulis : New Fossil Findings Discovered

Massawa, 23 February 2018 – New fossil findings discovered in the ancient port of Adulis have given a still greater international significance to the area and attraction for more research.

A 7th phase of archaeological excavation is being conducted in Adulis under the supervision of the Commission of Culture and Sports in collaboration with the National Museum of Eritrea, the Museum of the Northern Red Sea region as well as the Universities of Milan and Napoli, reports indicate.

Field experts stated that pieces of pillars made of hard rock with paintings, engravings, Greek writings, ceramics, bronze coins and nails, as well as two human skeletons among others were discovered following the seventh phase of archaeological research and excavation conducted for over a month.

Noting that the findings will make significant contribution in researching and discovering the ancient history of Eritrea, including ancient civilizations in the area, Prof. Habteab Tsege, Head of the Department of Archaeology at the Eritrean Institute of Technology, said that the discovery has created opportunity for further archaeological studies and believes that the findings will help correct the misinformation on the history of Eritrea and the Horn of Africa.

Coordinator of the Project, Prof. Serena Massa, also said that only 1% of research has been conducted in the area that extends 40 hectares and that the archaeological findings discovered so far are ancient cultural heritages with international significance.