[VIDEO] New dam under construction in Maret, Nakfa sub-zone

New dam under construction in Maret

Massawa, 08 June 2020- A new dam with a capacity to hold 70 thousand meter cube of water is under construction at the Maret administrative area, Nakfa sub-zone, at a cost of 3 million Nakfa.

According to Mr. Mohammed Ali, staff member of the Ministry of Agriculture branch in the sub-zone, the objective of the construction of the dam is to alleviate the potable water shortage in the area, to enrich the under ground water as well as to develop agricultural activity in the area.

Mr. Mohammed indicated that so far 25% of the construction has been finalized.

Pointing out that the area is suitable for cultivating temperate fruits as well as vegetables farming; Mr. Mohammed called on the residents to take advantage of the opportunity provided and to develop agricultural activities.

Mr. Mohammed also commended the participation of the residents in the construction of the dam.